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Jesse Mockrin - Reliquary - Publications - Night Gallery

Night Gallery is delighted to announce the release of Jesse Mockrin's Reliquary, a new catalogue designed by Jessica Fleischmann (Still Room) with contributions by Norman Bryson, Andy Campbell, and Shannon Cartier Lucy. This is Mockrin's second publication, following 2019's Syrinx, a catalogue for her 2018 solo exhibition of the same name. 

Softcover, 159 pages, 11" x 9"
​$60 + tax and shipping 

Copyright © 2022 Jesse Mockrin and Night Gallery

ISBN 979-8-88680-181-1

Published by Night Gallery
Designed by Jessica Fleischmann, Still Room 
Printed by Ofset Yapevmi, Istanbul, Turkey
Photos: Marten Elder

Available from Night Gallery
For orders, email