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JPW3 - Marco Polio Portfolio - Publications - Night Gallery

Published with Night Gallery and Martos Gallery, 2018
Edited by Christine Veitch
Contributions by Carol Bove, Marc LeBlanc, Jocko Weyland
272 pages

JPW3, whose full name is John Patrick Walsh III, born in Tallahassee in 1981, makes process-rich work which takes the act of recording as its central preoccupation. The artist uses wax, photocopies, kitchen equipment, and found objects to create works that explore concepts often associated with performance. Each piece exists as evidence of transformation: the artist subjects appropriated images to multiple processes of photographic enlargement and translation across materials. These images often involve cars, popcorn, and stovetop pots – objects whose functions and even forms are subject to radical change in a single instant of ignition, though here they appear suspended in time, melted down to essences. Distressed in places, piled high with pigment in others, these works playfully imply his practice as a disorderly yet meditative discipline whose products turn transient instances of chaos into singular objects of permanence. 

Surveying the artist's exhibitions and curatorial projects from 2006 – 2018, Marco Polio Portfolio is the artist's first monograph.